Saddlers Bakery Bistro

Saddlers Bakery Bistro


19:00 Trevor Reed

Trevor is based here, in the artistic cauldron that is Alston and he will be providing music for diners at The Saddlers this evening. As well as the more traditional performance, Trevor is a man highly accomplished in the noble art of busking, he is known as ‘The Street Singer’ and like many of our performers he will no doubt be found performing at some point over the weekend in the Cumberland Inn.

19:45 Phil Ogg

Phil Ogg writes what Martin Stephenson described as ‘baritonic, expansive, mindful, hopeful’ songs. Having written and performed music and songs for twenty years and more, at the tender age of 49 Phil has finally recorded, with Martin Stephenson’s support and generous attention to production an intimate eleven track album. Find it on Bandcamp.