The Alston House Stage

Alston House


19:30 Uncle Paf

Uncle PAF, is another performer who has worked hard to help organise this weekend’s event. His latest album is ‘The Miner And His Son’. Here is a fab video of the title track made by our very own Simon Danby:

20:15 Rory Connor

Rory Connor is a great friend of Alston Live and a veteran of the Cumbrian music scene both as a solo artist and also with such bands as Tarras and the Fiona Clayton band. His soul tinged voice is full of  raucous highs and delicate lows. His debut ‘Falling From Trees’, gained much critical acclaim. Find it on his Bandcamp page.

21:00 Roisin Dubh

Roisin Dubh are based in Kirkoswald near Penrith, Cumbria and were formed in November 2016. The band consists of 17-year-old singer-songwriter Molly Jervis on vocals and electric ukulele, accompanied by her father Martin Jervis on bass guitar and Si Dalton on electric cajon and other percussion. Check out their song “Goodbye” on Aldora Records Bandcamp page . Martin says: ‘Having recently spent some time in the studio, we are looking forward to releasing some of our own songs soon’.


15:00 Fred Sheriff

Fred Sheriff

A passionate musician who wears his heart on his sleeve, This Sunderland born singer song-writer touches on some interesting subject matter in his melodic, catchy but melancholy tunes.

16:00 Auld Suitcase Band

The Auld Suitcase Band is a modern variation of a Skiffle Band. Plenty of STOMP and BLUEGRASS. This band is a MUST SEE……Home made instruments too…..

19:30 Loop Cycle

Loop Cycle is a live looping cyborg and walking light show who uses guitar, voice, beatbox and effects to create complex, fast changing, dynamic pieces of exciting original music. The style of this music is termed Hybrid Fusion as it is a mix of anything and everything. Find more Loop Cycle music at his Bandcamp page.

21:00 Driven Serious

North-East punk-folk outfit Driven Serious has been gigging in the North East and beyond since 2011. The Crack Magazine summed them up with this description: ‘You could file Driven Serious under the banner of folk-rock; but they are so much than that. They have a vibrancy that you can virtually see thrumming off them when they play, passionate and with the handbrake well and truly off, and with a vibe that has had people likening them to The Levellers to The Pogues to The Smiths to The Wonderstuff…’ Driven Serious’ back catalogue is available via their Bandcamp page.